Nicki Minaj has faced plenty of controversies this year, but her latest one involves being hit with a lawsuit. TMZ reports that Minaj's former stylist—who dressed her for her "Regret in Your Tears" music video and 2017's Paris Fashion Week—claims Minaj stole nearly $74k worth in clothes he rented out for her.

When Minaj allegedly didn't return her clothes, luxury wardrobe rental company Cloak Wardrobe sued Jridi for nearly $13,000. According to court papers, Jridi also alleges that Minaj still owes him payment for his styling in addition to the money from the clothes.

Minaj has yet to respond to Jridi's allegations.

This has been a tumultuous year for Minaj. Just last month, Minaj got into a physical altercation with Cardi B at New York Fashion Week--resulting in Cardi B throwing a shoe. She later spoke out about the incident on her Queen radio show, insulting Cardi B further and even saying Cardi B was going to die, saying "This s--t ain’t f--king funny. You put your hands on certain people, you gonna die. Period."

Minaj had also previously had a full-blown Twitter meltdown when her album debuting at No.2 on the Billboard 200, losing the No.1 spot to Travis Scott, claiming that he achieved the top spot by selling bundles rather than securing a loyal fanbase. When she appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show last month, she told Degeneres that she wanted to "punch him in his f---- face."

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