San Angelo is our home.  Like anywhere else, some of us love it.  Some of us hate it. Some of us think it's too small. Some think it is just right.  So, when you take it all into consideration, is San Angelo a good place to live?

Photo: City of San Angelo via YouTube
Photo: City of San Angelo via YouTube


There are many things to consider when determining the quality of life in any given community.  Let's objectively look at the deciding factors that generally determine whether a place is a good place or bad place to live, and then see where San Angelo stacks up.

Crime: The crime rate in San Angelo is definitely higher than one would expect. San Angelo has a crime rate that is higher than 90% of communities in Texas of all sizes. Violent crime is somewhat lower than the national average.  When it comes to property crimes, burglary is lower than the national average, theft is higher and motor vehicle theft is higher.

Affordability: San Angelo is 18.4%  lower than the national average. It is even lower than most cities in the state of Texas.  Housing costs are lower generally. Transportation groceries, and miscellaneous goods and services are less expensive than average.  The areas noticeably more expensive in San Angelo include healthcare and utilities.

Schools: San Angelo public schools generally receive a grade of B or B-minus. All 28 middle schools and 37 high schools rate at 5/10 or below. Angelo State consistently gets better than average marks for higher education.

Weather: If you hate cold weather, generally San Angelo is a great place to live. Average high temperatures year round are around 60. The weather is also clear 60% to 75% of the time. There are cold snaps in the Winter and anyone who has been around here the last few months also knows that there are definite heatwaves.

Photo: City of San Angelo via YouTube
Photo: City of San Angelo via YouTube

Arts and Culture: For a city the size of San Angelo, there is a lot of culture and arts. The performing arts scene includes concerts and music festivals, theatre, ballet and symphony. The Museum of Fine Arts is internationally known. San Angelo is well known for its International Water Lily collection, statues and nearby Native American petroglyphs.

Shopping: Compared to Houston, Dallas or even Austin, there are not a lot of shopping centers in San Angelo. However, there are a variety of chain stores and retail centers for shopping. Many national chain stores are represented including Ross, Best Buy and Home Depot.  There is also a thriving number of locally owned boutiques and unique shopping experiences. In fact, in 2020, eight San Angelo stores made the Best Stores list  They include:

  • Eggemeyer’s General Store
  • Grigsby’s Boutique
  • The Roost Boutique
  • Jessie Rose Mercantile
  • Concho Confetti Antique Mall
  • Holland’s Fine Jewelry
  • Legend Jewelers
  • M.L. Leddy’s

M.L. Leddy’s was selected in the Best Places to Buy Western Wear and selected in the Best of the Best Category.

Fortunately, if you can't find what you're looking for in San Angelo, the city's proximity to large metros in the state, make up for it.

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Restaurants: There are a lot of great locally owned restaurants and chain restaurants in San Angelo.  New ones are popping up all the time and a comparatively large percentage of restaurants came through the Covid epidemic.  When it comes to Mexican food, San Angelo has some of the best.  There are also an above average number of fine dining restaurants in San Angelo, compared to other cities this size.

Outdoor Recreation and Parks: There are reservoirs, parks like the River Walk downtown and San Angelo State Park nearby. At San Angelo State Park, you can find camping, hiking, biking, and equestrian trails.  There is no lack of outdoor activities in the area.

Photo: City of San Angelo via YouTube
Photo: City of San Angelo via YouTube

Cultural Diversity: The city has a multi-cultural feel. There are Pride celebrations this month.  Our 4th of July celebration downtown includes a mariachi band. Many cultures live and work side-by-side in San Angelo.

Commute: The average Commute time in San Angelo is 16.1 minutes.  The national average in the U.S. is 26.4 minutes.

Photo: City of San Angelo Via YouTube
Photo: City of San Angelo Via YouTube

Conclusions: Overall, San Angelo has a lot to offer.  The Rodeo is recognized as one of the nation's biggest and best.  There is no state income tax.  People are generally considered friendly. There are lots of art galleries and cultural opportunities and outdoor recreation.

So, there is a simple answer to the question: "Is San Angelo a good place to live?"  The simple answer is "yes". Maybe that's why, over the last five years, there are consistently more people moving in than moving out.


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