Expressing your love for Valentine's Day is an important way to demonstrate your enduring feelings.  In some cases, it is also a great way to show that you are grateful that there's one person in this crazy world who "gets you".

Choosing the perfect gift can also be an expression of the love you have for the lives you've made together here in San Angelo. Finding a gift that celebrates the unique feelings you have for the love of your life AND the place you call home together is a rare expression.

There are many great San Angelo Valentine's Day gift ideas perfect for that.  Here are a few places to start.

1) Cowboy Up Chocolates 6 E.Concho Avenue

No Valentine's Day would be complete without chocolate. Yet, your love is not ordinary. Neither should be the box of chocolates you select to proclaim it. Lucky for those of us here in San Angelo, there is a world-class chocolatier right here. Cowboy Up Chocolates Valentine's selections are a perfect blend that revels in your rare love and the singular essence of San Angelo.  If you want to know more about this incredible business, click the link.

It's The Best Little Chocolate Shop in Texas

2. M.L Leddy's 222 s. Oakes Street San Angelo

You should want that special someone in your life to experience custom-made boots from Leddy's. A fourth-generation family business, Leddy's is iconic. When you own a pair of boots from Leddy's they are made to last a lifetime. They also have men's and women's fashions, jewelry, belts, buckles, hats, and tailored clothing. Nothing says love for Valentine's Day like a special gift from M.L. Leddy's.

You can find out more about Leddys here

A Handmade Texas Legend Can Be Found Right here in San Angelo

Photo: M.L. Leddys
Photo: M.L. Leddys

3) Legend Jewelers 18 E Concho Avenue

There is something truly spectacular in the waterways of our Concho Valley. For 400 years, these incredible pearls found in freshwater mussel shells have tantalized everyone who sees them. Right here in the Concho Valley is one of the few places in the world that produce these pearls. None are more vivid than those of our Concho River.

Concho pearls make a great Valentine's gift. They state so eloquently, that there is no love in the world more unique and special than the love that resides with us together in this our special place-San Angelo.

4) The Chicken Farm Art Center 2505 Martin Luther King Boulevard San Angelo

Hand-crafted art is forever. Whether it be pottery, a beautiful picture on canvas, or glasswork, a Valentine's Day gift of art says "our love is timeless and beautiful, like a precious work of art". There is no shortage of incredible pieces, carefully crafted by local artisans available at the Chicken Farm Art Center.

Photo: Starkeeper Gallery
Photo: Starkeeper Gallery

Brix Winery 113 E Concho Avenue St. 200 San Angelo

Wine is the nectar of love. It is so gratifying to see incredible locally sourced wines rising to the top of international wine competitions. The Brix Winery has three 5-course wine tastings paired with hors d'oeuvres and appetizers for $100 a couple coming up for Valentine's season on February 10,11, and 14 at 6pm and 8pm.

You can find out more about the wineries of our region here:

San Angelo Area Wineries Gain Respect Nationwide

There are as many varied local businesses as there are shades of Valentine's love here in San Angelo. Select one and create memories that will endure, like the love you share.

One bit of advice: Don't wait until the last minute. Put some thought into it and do it right this year.

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