Admit it — at some point, you have wondered what you would look like with a different hairstyle, or if you were older, or if you were a zombie, or had any other random trait you can think of. Enter the internet and the world of mobile apps. With these fun apps, the possibilities of seeing yourself as someone else are limitless.

No longer do you have to wonder what you would look like with facial hair, eyes of a different color, old, fat, undead or thin. No longer do you have to wonder which celebrity you most resemble. It’s almost as if all of life’s mysteries have been answered for you by the geniuses who create mobile and web applications.

The process for using these apps is simple. Find it online, or download it. Upload a picture of yourself that fits the dimensions, focal length and angle the app specifies. Then go to town with all the sliders, buttons and option selections. Suddenly, you’re a blue-eyed, pregnant 80-year-old with a goatee who resembles a dead Will Smith. We’re not sure if this is good or just plain creepy. What we do know is that you can spend hours morphing yourself in a gazillion different ways, and if you have time to kill, why not? So, here are 15 different ways you can re-imagine yourself.

See What You Would Look Like If You Were Fatter

What Would I Look Like Fatter App

Maybe seeing what would happen if you didn’t hit the gym or lay off those jelly-filled donuts would be more of a motivation for you to get in shape. If so, FatBooth (Free!) is what you need. There’s nothing like knowing what you would look like with an extra 30 pounds on your frame to make you think twice about that bowl of queso at the Mexican restaurant, or that second piece of cake at your sister’s wedding. Better yet, run pics of your friends through the app and share them. That’ll make you a big hit.

See What You Would Look Like With a Celebrity Hairstyle

What would you look like with a celebrity hairstyle?

There’s no reason the celebrities should have all the great hair. Sure, they can afford to pay the world’s most sought after stylists for the perfect cut and color, but you can afford to download the free InStyle Hairstyle Try-On app ($5.99) and see what you would look like with famous hair. Suddenly, it just got way easier to see if you could turn heads with a Bieber mop or “The Rachel.”

See Yourself With New Eyes

What would you look like with a different eye color?

Always wondered what you’d look like with baby blues? Would brown eyes look better with your hair color? What if you had green eyes, would you look like a leprechaun? Even if you don’t wear contacts, head on over to FreshLook contacts (Free!) and find out what you would look like with different colored eyes. And, if you like what you see, you can order a pair and play the role of someone with new eyes.

See What You Look Like With a Complete Makeover

What would you look like with a complete makeover?

If hair and eye color aren’t enough to satisfy your urge to see yourself as someone different, try Taaz’ virtual makeover. (Free!) Try a new hairstyle, a new hair color and new makeup colors all without leaving your home or spending tons of money at the Mac counter at the mall. It’s a low stress way of trying something new before you make a big commitment to a certain look. It may also be a way to convince your significant other to make a change in their own look.

See What You Would Look Like With a Facelift

What would you look like with a facelift?

If the makeovers aren’t enough for you, you should probably consider a facelift. That’s a lot easier to do (and doesn’t require one of those high pressure consultations with a plastic surgeon) with the LiftMagic app. (Free!) You can give your photo an eyebrow lift, a nose job, lip augmentation, a neck lift and even jaw contouring, among many other options. You could get a celebrity face to match that celebrity hairstyle.

See What You Would Look Like Pregnant

What would you look like pregnant?

Most girls go through life wondering what they would look like pregnant until they find out for sure, that is. We’re guessing that there are probably also some guys out there who would find it amusing to see what it would look like if they were pregnant. We also think it would be fun to make pics of all your friends pregnant and send them to them as a joke, or post them on Facebook to freak people out. Not that we’re encouraging that kind of pranking or anything. Anyway, whatever your reason, PreggoBooth ($.99) can help you out. Put in a picture of yourself, make some adjustments and then share the results. Hours of fun.

See What You Would Look Like Without Hair

What would you look like bald?

The reverse is true with this app. Most guys go through life wondering what they would look like (or will look like) bald, or if they grew a goatee or beard. And, probably, girls have wondered the same thing. There’s no need to grab the razor just yet. Headblade (Free!) will shave your head for you, without the commitment of losing any hair. And, it will even add that hair on your chin if you’d like to see it there. So the next time your friends try to convince you to go for it, tell them to step away from the shaving cream.

See What You Would Look Like With Braces

What would you look like with braces?

If you weren’t tortured with them during your awkward years, you might think it’s a fun idea to see what you would look like with braces. Or, maybe you’re thinking about finally correcting that overbite and you want to be ready for how you’ll look to the world. Well, stop putting paper clips on your teeth because now there’s an app that will show you what you would look like with braces. With Brace Face ($.99), you just load up a pic, line up the braces on your teeth and you’re there in all your orthodontial mockability.

See What You Would Look Like Thinner

What would you look like if you were thinner?

Getting ready to start a new diet and need some motivation? Perhaps you’re just wondering if you should start a new diet or maybe join a gym. If you saw yourself thinner, you might find just the motivation you need to get on the treadmill and really take the pounds off. WeightMirror (Free!) will show you what the slender new you will look like if you lost 10, 20 or even 50 pounds. Take a full length shot of yourself and load it up to see what a skinny new you could look like. Or forget the gym and just post that to your Facebook wall so your friends just think you lost weight.

See What You Would Look Like If You Were Older

What would you look like if you were older or a different race?

With the University of St. Andrews’ Face of the Future app (Free!), you can see what you would look like if you were older, a different race, a different gender or something from a work of art. You can see yourself as an average of several different photos or morph yourself between two different images. It’s a study in face detection and seeing if you’re still you, even when you’re not. Just start playing around with nature. We won’t judge.

See What Your Baby Would Look Like

What would your baby look like?

Found that special someone? Want to make sure your kids will come out okay before you make a big commitment? No problem. With the Baby Morpher (Free!) on, you can take a photo of you and one of your beloved and morph them into your little bundle of joy. That is unless the pic of you (or your lady friend) pregnant in PreggoBooth freaked you out so much that you don’t want to even think about it anymore. But, if you’re feeling good about the baby thing, give it a try. Be careful though, the effects could be dangerous.

See What Celebrity You Look Like

What celebrity do you look like?

So you decided which celebrity hairstyle you liked on yourself and went out and had it done. Now, wouldn’t you like to know if you actually look like that celebrity. If not that celebrity, then which one do you look like? MyHeritage (Free!) has come up with a Web-based app that will compare your facial features to those of celebrities and then tell you who you most resemble. The app works quickly and is fairly accurate, and will even create an animation morphing you into your celebrity look-alike, but it does require a quick, free registration on the site to get results. The good news is, it’ll match you up with attractive people so you at least feel good about yourself.

See What You Would Look Like As an Avatar

What would you look like as an avatar?

The movie ‘Avatar’ was released in 3D, so it was easy to imagine what it would be like to be in it, but now you can see what it would be like if you were actually one of the blue-skinned characters. MixMyPhoto (Free!) has an entire web app dedicated to making yourself look like a member of the Na’vi race. You can also click around on the site and put your face into all kinds of unusual places. Just watch where you stick that tail, buddy.

See What You Would Look Like As a Zombie

What would you look like if you were a zombie?

People are eating each other’s faces off in Florida now, which means the Zombie Apocalypse is coming. You should prepare for survival, but you also need to be prepared to become a zombie. The most important thing to know is what you will look like after you are among the “walking dead.” With George A. Romero’s Apps of the Dead, ($1.99) you can do just that. All you need is a normal, innocent looking picture of yourself (or an unsuspecting friend) and then the ability to use some creativity while you tweak the settings. If the Zombie Apocalypse does happen, you’ll be well-equipped to know which of your friends to look out for after they’ve been bitten.

See What You Would Look Like As Just About Anything

What would you look like morphed into anything?

Morphthing (Free!) is better than drugs. And, let’s face it, it’s cheaper and won’t land you in jail. What it will do is allow you to morph photos together to see what you, or anyone else, would look like if you were blended with someone or something else. You don’t even have to wonder what you would look like as Tony the Tiger to enjoy this app. You could spend hours looking through (and being slightly creeped out by) the gallery of existing morphs. But, try your own anyway and see if your creativity can earn top morph billing.

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