Sister Cindy, a radical Evangelist Christian preacher, went viral last year for her protests on college campuses. Videos of her saying hateful things to large groups of college students quickly spread through TikTok as she made her way around to as many campuses as she could.

Unfortunately, Texas Tech students were victims of her radical speeches last year, and now she's made her return to Lubbock.

She was seen in the free-speech pavilion on the Texas Tech campus Wednesday and Thursday, and many students are hoping to catch her again today. While her rants are full of hateful views, students love to gather around and egg her on as if it's some sort of comedy show.

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I will admit, the way Sister Cindy talks about certain topics can be quite comical, but knowing that her views are rooted in hate makes it not as funny. She's known for calling out the people she considers “porno-freaks” and condemning those that supposedly do the “heinous acts” that she likes to describe.

These videos taken on the Texas Tech campus the other day are a great example of the wild stories she tells.

Warning: NSFW Language

While a speech about drinking margaritas and what might come after drinking them is quite funny, she has also said horrendous things about victims of sexual and gender-based violence. She's said that women who are assaulted are simply an accessory to the crime and that it's their fault if they "stir up a man's passion" enough for him to act on it. She's also shown hate towards people within the LGBTQ+ community, along with claiming that they need to "pray the gay away."

Who knows what other antics Sister Cindy will be up to this year, but I'm sure we'll be able to see all about it on TikTok over the next couple of months.

If you want to watch more videos of Sister Cindy on the Texas Tech University campus, you can find them on @zamm_gee’s TikTok account.

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