Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League, referred to by fans as the Snyder Cut, won’t be out on HBO Max until 2021. But that doesn’t mean we won’t get plenty of sneak peeks leading up to then. As Snyder pieces together his version of the 2017 film, he’s been sharing glimpses into his creative vision. The latest comes in the form of a low-resolution image of  Steppenwolf, one that looks different from the villain we saw in Justice League. For anyone who needs a bit of a refresher, Steppenwolf is the leader of the Parademon army who signals the arrival of an even bigger villain, Darkseid. Check out the photo, which Snyder posted to VERO over the weekend:


This new-and-improved Steppenwolf isn’t a drastic deviation from the original. He looks a bit taller, lankier, and spikier. The biggest difference between this version and the 2017 version is that this Steppenwolf appears to to be less humanoid and more beast. His horns appear to be fused into his skin rather than attached to his helmet. It’s hard to get a real look at his face due to the image quality, but it very well could be that Steppenwolf is much more menacing than we thought.

Hopefully, we’ll get a little more clarity at DC FanDome on August 22nd. The virtual event will feature panels on all things DC, and hopefully one of those panels will include a trailer for the Snyder Cut. Until then, you can always watch Ryan Reynolds’ creative take on Green Lantern.

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