It is definitely a shocking time in America, something no one has been through before. Quarantine, home schooling, home working, there's no sense of real normalcy yet.

Many places are reopening in a certain capacity and they are adding something called "COVID-19 Surcharges" which is on top of the tax, and tip.

Now this is becoming a big deal in a lot of places, half the people are saying yes, let it happen because these businesses need more money since they lost out on so much.

The other side of the coin though, people are complaining because a lot of people are out of work so they can't afford to pay an additional charge.

I understand both sides, I really do. But my opinion is, i'm going to pay the extra, especially at a local eatery. If the diner down the street needs a couple extra bucks i'm gonna help out.

Now if a big multi million dollar company tries this, good LORD, i'm going off, Wal Mart does not need to add surcharges.


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