Some Texas & other US University and College towns are not happy with the 2020 Census results and plan to make some noise about it.

Their argument is that the pandemic forced many students to stay away from their campus & off campus housing which kept them from being counted and that will effect federal money received in their community as a result because the Census reflected a lower population.

The pandemic and the census count began almost at the same time last spring. That's when classrooms cleared out and the courses were taught on line as thousands of students went home to take their studies on the computer. Therefore, many weren't available to be counted in the census.

Dudley Poston, a professor of sociology at Texas A & M University, said "off-campus students were at risk of being overlooked because the university was able to provide the census with records of students living in dormitories and other on-campus housing."

Officials in some of these University & College towns find themselves without answers  as to why the Census showed in some cases, significant changes in results. They debate as to whether it had to do with factors besides the pandemic such as did the ratio of students living on or off campus change, did these schools keep records of on and off campus living to provide to the Census Bureau, because not all do keep those records. All kinds of possibilities were explored to account for the difference in population figures.

Those Cities & States Nationwide that are looking to change the outcome of the 2020 Census results can pursue matters further through the Census Bureau’s Counting Question Resolution Program.

In a presentation, Census Bureau official Matthew Freights said..... “More cases are expected due to the many challenges that the 2020 census has passed, but the scope will be limited and the data products will be limited.”

It will be interesting to see how this turns out especially due to the fact that Texas has some major Universities with very large student populations.

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