For this transplanted Texan, a good steak is like a spiritual experience.  When the flavors are juicy and the marinade is on point, you know you are in for a special treat.  When the right amount of marbling retains that extra burst of smoky spice, you know that not only was the time put into preparing the steak, but it was specially chosen to be provide the ultimate flavor.


Other qualities that make great steak include the age of the cow.  Younger cows have better quality beef than cuts from older animals.  Animals are divided into three categories by age.  Eighteen months to three years is young beef. Mature beef is three to four years old.  Anything older than four years old is usually considered in the economy category.

Scott Lewis
Scott Lewis

Cuts of steak also determines the quality.  There are three sections. They include sirloin, short loin, and the rib.  Ribs contain the least tender cuts. Tenderloin is the most tender cut of beef but it is not as juicy as rib eye.

Dry Aging also determines steak quality.  The more time allowed for dry again, the more tender and flavorful the beef cut will be. Dry again is a skill only practiced at high end steakhouses and is almost impossible to achieve at home.


The Cooking Method also determines the quality of a steak.  Rare steak is only cooked for one minute on both sides making it cooked on the outside but raw in the middle.  This is not healthy, but some people do order it that way.  Medium rare is firm, soft and pink with a lot of sealed in juices.  Medium well steaks no longer have blood but is slightly juicy on the inside but firm inside.  Well done is cooked through and through.

Kobe beef with garlic,salt and pepper

Here in San Angelo when you're "hankerin'" for a big delicious slab of steak, grilled to rich perfection, there is a great selection of restaurants to choose from.  Let's run down some of the best.  We are not trying to judge them in any order.  Everyone's taste is different.  According to the reviews, these are the crème de la crème. If we miss your favorite steak joint, please let us know on our Facebook Page.

Peasant Village Restaurant 235 Park St. San Angelo

We've talked about Peasant Village before.  This amazing restaurant story started 27 years ago with the Chef Pops and son, Chef Jason.  Their story began as a family love affair with excellent food. According to the Peasant Village website, they found a handwritten family cookbook dated from 1780's in grandma's attic.  The jotting was a rich resource for Peasant Village.  That book must have held some serious steak seasoning secrets, because the steaks at Peasant Village are exceptional.

Western Sky Steakhouse 2024 N. Chadbourne St. San Angelo

This is where the art of steak meets down home Texas cooking. When you want to go out and experience great steak, and still pay homage to the great home cooked meals you remember growing up, Western Sky Steakhouse is a perfect choice.  Sure, there might be fancier places to go, but how do you put a price on the fond memories of momma's home cooking conjured up by the great menu items at Western Sky Steakhouse? This is a great place to share the importance of family dinners together in the Texas tradition.

Outback Steakhouse 4505 Sherwood Way San Angelo

I know what you're thinking: "oh no he didn't" include a chain restaurant in this conversation.  Yes, yes he did.  The Outback of Australia has a lot in common with Texas. The people who settled there and here had to tame a wilderness. They had to leave family and in some cases convention behind to carve survival out of an unforgiving landscape.  Outback Steakhouse puts that spirit into their steak creations. When you have that many locations, and are successful for as long as they have been, you learn a thing or two about what is the true definition of great steak. A visit to San Angelo's Outback is like a vacation to a place where a steak dinner is an "event"

Texas Roadhouse 3057 Loop 306 San Angelo 

It's easy to say if you've eaten at one location of a chain restaurant, you've eaten at them all.  If you say that about the Texas Roadhouse here in San Angelo, you would be wrong. The service here is legendary.  The steaks are perfection. The "Texas" sized combos are perfect for big appetites. When you crave great steak in San Angelo, you would be wise to make a stop at Texas Roadhouse. When you are ready for legendary steak status, make a stop at the Texas Roadhouse.

Armenta's Café 1325 S. Oakes St. San Angelo

Best known for their Tex-Mex fare, Armenta's also scores high on the list of incredible place in San Angelo to get a steak.

El Paisano Restuarant 1406 Chadbourne St. San Angelo

Because steak is such an important part of Mexican cuisine, it is almost impossible to have one without the other.  At El Paisano, their menu is steak centered, even though most people characterize them as a "Mexican" restaurant.  The way they do steak is an art.  The juiciness and fresh flavors make this a great destination for steak anyway you like to eat it. Everywhere you look, it's coming up steak at El Paisano



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