Usually here in San Angelo, when you want to see a Jackass, you go to the Donkey Rescue. For one night only, August 4th, you can see a real "Jackass", Steve-O, in his "Bucket List Tour"  The show will play at San Angelo's Murphy Performance Hall.

Stephen Glover, known by the stage name, Steve-O is known for a hard hitting adult show.  This legendary stuntman and entertainer was one of MTV hit show "Jackass's" most famous cast members.

So what can you expect from this show?   Steve-O says first of all the show is so intense he requires that his shows be seated-only.  This is because so many people pass out from the stunts he's doing.  Steve-O Guys were passing out while literally on their feet and that caused some to conk their heads on the floor.  Given that he once drank a poo cocktail supreme, I'm surprised he doesn't also pass out barf bags.

Having said that Steve-O says his "The Bucket List" tour shows his most recent stunts which are things too outrageous even for "Jackass".  When you consider that on that show he has snorted wasabi, locked himself in a porta potta and being slingshotted into the air and even walked a tightrope over hungry alligators, that is saying a lot.

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This show is only for adult audiences.  It contains graphic footage of explicit content, nudity, self inflicted violence and drug use.

Tickets for the Steve-O's "The Bucket List Tour" are on sale now at the San Angelo Performing Arts Center website. They range in price form 38.50 to 137.50 for VIP tickets.  Not sure I would want to sit down front, but to each his own.



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