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Despite all of the rules put in place to make driving a safe and positive experience, it can be a stressful and intimidating thing for many people. No matter how well you follow the law, you never know what careless idiot is going to ruin your day by driving like a fool.

While reckless drivers are all over the world, there's a certain type of Texas driver that needs to hear some very helpful advice I recently heard from someone named Macklin. That advice is to accept that it's okay to just take the L and move on with your life.

Not sure what that means? I'll provide some examples.

Did you miss your exit? That's okay, just take the next exit, turn around, and you'll still make it where you need to go without swerving across the entire freeway.

Are you stuck in a turn lane even though you want to go straight? That's also fine, just take the turn and turn back around when you get the chance. I promise it'll only take up an extra minute or two of your time.

There are far too many Texans out there who don't seem to understand these simple concepts. Rather than just taking a slight loss and accepting their mistakes, they have to put everyone around them in danger by making crazy maneuvers that are often illegal. Just accept your mistake, and move on with your life in a safe and reasonable manner. I promise your life along with the rest of the lives around you will drastically improve if you accept this advice.

Still don't believe me? Watch Macklin's original post giving this advice and hear the horrendous example of a Texas driver they just witnessed.

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