A man who has a history of allegedly stalking Taylor Swift sent a series of disturbing emails to Swift's father Scott that threatened the entire family's wellbeing, according to TMZ.

The site says that Frank Andrew Hoover — who was arrested in 2016 for violating a restraining order and following Taylor in Texas — sent a series of messages to Scott between May 2015 and Oct. 2016 that amounted to a 122-page indictment. One read: "Decided that we are going to end all the Swifts on one day because I can’t stand that virus s--- your daughter spread."

More included: "The evil family of devils: Scott, Austin, Taylor, Andrew. Sincerely, the end real son of god" and "This article is not a joke and is why god is going to burn them into the desert for me."

And a pair of final zingers read: "Go to hell, Swift." and "Enjoy the brain aneurysms and death."

Sadly, Swift is not unused to allegedly manic fans. As recently as March 2017, a man was arrested for hiding on the roof of Swift's New York City apartment for hours to provoke a face-to-face meeting. He'd previously spent three months lurking around Swift's Tribeca condo building.

And, in 2014, Swift took out a restraining order against a man named Timothy Sweet, who genuinely believed he and Swift were married and living together in Beverly Hills.

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