Going to the grocery store these days is like going to a war zone. I had never made a shopping list before. As a typical male shopper, I would go, get a cart and start meandering through the store in no discernible direction.

As I selected main course meals, I would gather up the side dishes. I would crisscross the store dozens of times, much to the chagrin of little old ladies and other shoppers who thought I had lost my mind.

I do this more at H-E-B than at any other store because they have many great meal ideas.

That is how I used to do it.  Not anymore. Often these days, I am met with unbelievable prices and ransacked displays. I make a list, and usually, half the items on it are not in the store.

Like so many others, I believed this was a temporary supply chain issue brought on by complications of the covid epidemic. We are two years in, and it is still happening. Is this madness going to end anytime soon?

Unfortunately, the experts are not optimistic. The issues that vexed the supply chain last year are forecasted to continue in 2023.  This includes catastrophic weather, bird flu, the War in Ukraine, and inflation, inflation, inflation.

With that in mind, here are the items experts say we can expect to continue to see in short supply this year.

Texas Grocery Items Expected To Be in Short Supply in 2023

Texas Grocery Item Shortages
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