I remember being in church as a young child and hearing the minister talk about the wages of sin. Hellfire and damnation were the stars in many Sunday morning sermons. Despite the eloquence of these sermons, it always seemed that the preacher's kids were the worst-behaved.

Vices affect us all. Some are far more destructive than others. With this in mind, WalletHub has released its 2023 Most Sinful States list. It would appear that Texas has some work to do.

Texas is the number six most sinful state in the US.  Here are the highlights in this report:

Source: WalletHub

Sinfulness of Texas (1=Most Sinful; 25=Avg.):

  • 30th – Anger & Hatred
  • 10th – Jealousy
  • 2nd – Lust
  • 6th – Vanity
  • 21st – Laziness

It is nice to see that we Texans excel, especially in Lust and Vanity. No wonder our musicians are so popular worldwide. We're practically experts in two of the best elements of a good song.

For lust, the study surveyed the states that spend the most time on Adult Entertainment Sites. For Vanity, they measured the states with the most Beauty Salons per Capita. We scored slightly better in Anger and Hatred.

Sadly, when it comes to vices, they can be extremely harmful. This is especially true when people are already economically challenged by higher prices. Let's face it vices like smoking, gambling, adult websites, and excessive drinking are costly, and not just for the person struggling with them.

Often, they affect family members and have a ripple effect all over our communities.

Harmful individual vices can cost us all dearly. Smoking costs the US $300 BILLION dollars a year and countless lives. Gambling addiction costs us $5 BILLION.

Fortunately, it's not all bad news.  Texas scored 35th in excesses and vices. We scored 43rd in Greed.  I guess some of us have been paying attention in church. Maybe, it's a good thing Elon Musk is moving to Texas.

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