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Black Friday is one week away! Really? Gosh, the holidays got here in a hurry, didn't they?

Well, if you are looking for the best Black Friday places to shop, it looks like it may be hit or miss for us here in San Angelo unless you want to put some miles on your vehicle.

WalletHub has ranked "2021's Best Places to Shop on Black Friday." The website lists the places according to the average percentage discount by retailer. Let's go through the top 3 and offer some comments for us San Angelo consumers.

  • Macy's - Average Discount by retailer = 58.5%

Macy's? I hear the commercials all the time, but the closest one to San Angelo is in Austin. They have two of them there. Have you ever been to a Macy's? I have. It's like going back to the 1980s if you remember what department stores were like back then. So if you're up for some nostalgia shopping, head to the capital city.

  • JCPenney - Average Discount by retailer = 57.6%

Are they still in business? I'm kidding. They are still around, but it feels like they have gone the way of Sears. Well here in San Angelo, you don't have to go too far to shop at JCPenney. We have one here in town at the Sunset Mall.

  • Belk - Average Discount by retailer = 56.7%

Here's another one that's going to require you to fill up your gas tank if you want to do some shopping here. With a Googe search, the nearest Belk I found was one in Kerrville. It's not quite as far as the nearest Macy's, so we have that going for us here in Angelo.

Looking down the list, Walmart (which we have plenty of here in San Angelo) had a 31.6% discount rate according to WalletHub. Amazon was a little further down at 27.5%.

Now I know there have to be places that you know of here that have great Black Friday discounts. Do you know where I can find them? I'd like to know. Tell me about them!

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