Black Friday has proven over the years to be the busiest shopping day of the year and the Better Business Bureau has a few tips to make for a better shopping experience for you.

It is predicted that as was the case last year, many shoppers will be looking for great deals online, but retail experts are predicting more shoppers hitting the stores than normal and spending more money as well.

If you plan to shop in person on Black Friday, the Better Business Bureau offers some tips to make for a better shopping experience:

Follow CDC guidelines to protect your health and stay safe while in the store.

Plan out the excursion. Retailers often will release Black Friday flyers weeks ahead of time, so consumers can plan out their shopping spree.

Make the most of Black Friday deals. Start with a list of items and use sale flyers and promotions to determine which store has the best price.

Sign-up for email alerts. Many stores release their best Black Friday deals and exclusive coupons to people who have subscribed to their emails.

Read the fine print. Some retailers may offer an additional percentage off the purchase, but could exclude certain deals or items such as “door busters.”

Know the return policy and warranty information. Pass along any information about returns, exchanges, repairs, and warranties to the person who will use the item.

Do your research. Read product reviews on extremely discounted items. It could be a cheaper model or brand advertised, and not what was expected.

These are just a few tips from the Better Business Bureau to help with your Black Friday Shopping on Fri, Nov 26th. For more information about Black Friday, Cyber Monday and more, click here.

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