Four prisoners escaped a prison camp in Beaumont, Texas by using the good old "dummy in the bed" routine, just like in the movies. Classic.

The prisoners were only out of their cells for 12 hours before being found, which totally sucks after all of the planning that probably went into the ruse. I mean, dummies aren't just readily available for hijinks in the pen, so I imagine they got pretty creative when they made them. I'm picturing ramen hair and a volleyball-type-head-situation, akin to something out of Cast Away.


What's worse is that the prisoners succeeded despite prison guards making three different overnight inmate counts. That means that on three separate occasions, someone who is literally paid to make sure people are where they're supposed to be failed miserably.

You had one job.

Two of the inmates reportedly left the prison to obtain some kind of contraband to bring back in, which is even crazier to me. I mean, escaping from prison is one thing, but going back after you managed to make it out? Not me. I'd be running for the damn hills. There is no way in hell that I would try to sneak in more drugs for my homies and take a chance at getting even more charges.

According to an NBC News report, the FCC (Federal Correctional Complex) Beaumont was also said to have several buildings that were unsecured, unlocked, unmanned, and not equipped with surveillance cameras, making your prison stay there quite comfortable.

Alternatively, very uncomfortable.

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