It is definitely the season when people get crazy.  Halloween season brings out innocent spooks and the crazies.  Apparently, someone acting a little crazy has been arrested in Texarkana, Texas.

Police say over the weekend of October 7th, a man allegedly stole a truck and "scared the beejeebies" out of people strolling around a Walmart parking lot with a hatchet in the front of his pants.

Now, the word "beejeebies" has caused my auto correct to go crazy.  Just so we're all on the same page, the Urban Dictionary defines "bejeebies" as "What gets activated and flared up within oneself because of negative emotion"

Photo: Texarkana Police Department
Photo: Texarkana Police Department

25-year-old, Jerry Toney was apprehended by officers getting back into an allegedly stolen black Dodge pickup truck at a Texarkana Walmart after he was sporting a hatchet and baton in his pants, which he told police he needed for protection.

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According to a Press Release from the Texarkana Police Department, "While he never took the hatchet out to directly threaten anyone with it, he was charging up to people and yelling things that made absolutely no sense."

While some Walmart customers who witnessed the hatchet and baton in the alleged offender's pants, one witness later posted on social media a funny post.  He said "yes that was a hatchet in his pocket and, no, he didn't seem happy to see us".

Needless to say, I would not be inclined to shove a sharp hatchet down my pants. That can't possibly be safe. I've heard it said the first cut is the deepest. This alleged perp should definitely be grateful he still has all his parts. Let's just hope for the rest of us getting the bejeebies scared out of us only happens for fun this Halloween season.

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