One Temple Texas restaurant is giving back to their community after one of the biggest snow storms in Texas history.

La Riv Kitchen and Bar struggled during the COVID pandemic like most businesses and then got hit by the snow storm and electrical issues but the owner is putting the community first.

They're not letting the last year get them down.

First covid and now the recent snow storm brought challenges in our daily lives, and want to help out the community. We are so thankful that this community has given us so much support and we want to give it back to those in need.

-They said in a recent Facebook post.

They posted a message on Facebook saying anyone who needs a hot meal is able to call the restaurant and ask, no questions asked.

The restaurant filled 150 orders in the first two hours after making the offer.

Supplies were limited and all they could offer was spaghetti but people came from all over just to have a warm meal.

As we all saw last week, nature can be devastating, but as a community we can come together just like they did in Temple.

Whether it's a restaurant giving away free spaghetti, or a grocery store letting customers leave without paying like HEB did.

We are stronger together, and by helping each other, it makes drastic improvements to our lives and situations.

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