Brittany Dawn Davis, a social media influencer, started a business in 2014 to sell online plans meant to provide fitness and nutrition coaching. The business, Brittany Dawn Davis LLC, didn't work out as she hoped. Davis is now being sued by the Texas state attorney general for allegedly violating consumer protection laws.

Davis’ was charging between $80 to $250 to allegedly provide a personalized nutritional and fitness coaching plan to its users. Despite these promises of a personal plan to specifically cater to the individual’s needs, customers were not actually receiving personalized plans, based on Texas' lawsuit. They were all receiving the same plan despite being told it was specially made for them. The clients also did not receive the coaching and check-ins that were promised to them through the program.

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Of course, Davis' customers were not happy about the false advertising, so they began leaving bad reviews, which were either ignored or led to partial refunds.

After the initial backlash, Davis geared more towards "spiritual" content, though she continued the fitness business. According to the lawsuit that was filed against Davis by AG Ken Paxton, the State of Texas alleges that she made five different misleading, false or deceptive acts when marketing her fitness plan, and that these acts violate the Lone Star State's Deceptive Trade Practice Act.

The State of Texas also claimed Davis misled clients who were suffering from eating disorders by providing plans on how to lose weight rather than gain weight like they were wanting. The issues don't even stop there either. Davis allegedly charged customers a shipping fee despite the material they were purchasing being digital.

Even after the lawsuit was filed on February 1st, 2022, Davis continued posting her usual content to social media without a word about her alleged fraudulent actions. If you visit her TikTok account, she's continued posting her regular religious content to nearly 1 million followers.

On the day the State of Texas' lawsuit was filed, she posted this video talking about being restored by God after your failures in life:

Davis has yet to release a statement about the lawsuit at the time of publication. The entirety of the State of Texas' lawsuit by can be read here.

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