We will have to see if that holds up in court.

Looks like Denton police had a very interesting call a few weeks ago. Back on August 16th, a call came in about a woman holding a man under the water behind the Denton Municipal Electric facility. There's a creek that runs behind the building and the caller believed the man was dead.

The call came in at 2:57 and the first unit arrived at 3:04. When they arrived they found the man had already deceased and the woman was still there at the creek. 44-year-old Dora Alvarez Maldonado claimed that another man that her and her husband recently met agreed to baptize them in the creek. During the baptism, her husband drowned in the creek.

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Police were able to review security camera footage in the area. No other man was present in the creek. It was only Maldonado and her husband. Police read Maldonado her Miranda rights, according to the affidavit, and interviewed her. The affidavit alleges she admitted during the interview the other man did not exist.


She explained going to the creek with her husband and “being asked to baptize him in order to wash the demons away,” the affidavit states obtained by the Denton Record Chronicle. During the baptism, she said she held him under the water for “a substantial amount of time.” She said he grabbed at her legs, and she held him under the water until he let go.

Maldonado said she also stood on his stomach to hold him under the water. Maldonado was booked into the Denton County Jail in lieu of $500,000 bail.

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