TikToker and proud southern woman Kila Johnson recently went viral after posting a video showing a lost dog she found. She didn’t post the video to find the owners or let her viewers know she was saving the dog, but to let everyone know how excited she was to find the dog.

In the video, she admits to knowing that the dog has an owner and that she plans to return the dog to its owners, but not before she takes the dog on a hike with her. She stated that she always wanted a husky after showing off the dog and shared how she wants to live her dream for a little bit.

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Obviously, we don’t know if the video is satire or not, but I think it's hilarious. She means no harm by hanging out with the dog and she seems like such a sweet soul. After posting the video on March 21st, 2022, she has yet to update her viewers on what happened, but I assume she found the pups owners and wen ton with her life.

Looking at Johnson’s other videos shows that she is a very fun-loving southern woman that just likes to have some fun. I think she's adorable and I love how proud she is of being from the south. She typically posts about her life, working out, and showing off her daily outfits, and it seems like she is completely harmless. Hopefully that dog had a great time on the hike and is happily reunited with its owners.

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