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Last Friday, the cast received a very interesting text from a KiddNation member looking for some advice on how to handle her situation.

Since it was Friday and not Monday or Wednesday, it technically wasn't a 'Love Letter To Kellie', but J-Si treated it as such. Before reading the text, J-Si prefaced it by saying this isn't something that we should be doing to a significant other. He then reads the text and describes Paige's situation as she had it written out.

J-Si and executive producer White Cheddar were able to get in to contact with Paige and she called the show this morning to update us on how she caught her boyfriend cheating, the confrontation and what happened this past weekend when she showed up instead of his Tinder date to meet him in person.

Listen to "What Happened When Paige Catfished Her Own Boyfriend?" on Spreaker.

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