As of today, summer's hottest trend will not be a silk-screened top that jokingly references confusion surrounding David Bowie's January 2016 death.

In light of the death of producer and TV personality David Gest, whose body was discovered by police this morning (April 12), Tiffany "New York" Pollard's website has pulled a collection of "David Is Dead" novelty T-shirts, TMZ first reported.

Pollard uttered the line in question on Celebrity Big Brother back in January, when she misinterpreted Angie Bowie's announcement that David Bowie had died. Instead, Pollard mistakenly inferred that David Gest (a fellow CBB and housemate at the time) had passed away. One might argue the garment was in poor taste from the get-go, no?

In the moment, which is featured below, Angie shares the news of Bowie's passing before Pollard incredulously bellows "No he's not!" between a series of wordless wails. After Pollard realizes her mix-up, she proceeds to lash out and plot revenge on Angie.

Authorities are still investigating the cause of Gest's death, TMZ has reported.

Pollard's management company, Unleashed PR, has claimed in a series of tweets that Pollard doesn't yet know that Gest is dead, and that the company removed the T-shirt on her behalf (you can see it via TMZ here). Still on sale through the site, though, are tops that read "Beyonce? You look like Luther Vandross" and "Stiff drink, stiff dick and a steak" for both men and women.

What do you make of Pollard's garment-gaffe? Sound off in the comments.

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