Over a decade since their debut with 2005's Schrei, ever-evolving German rock troupe Tokio Hotel are returning this year with their latest studio album Dream Machine, due out on March 3 — and along with their collection comes a whole new sound.

The dreamy "What If," an ode to "missed opportunities," is one of the songs featured on their forthcoming LP, and according to the label earlier this year, offers an idea of the group's new soundscape.

The track, which was co-penned by Bill and Tom Kaulitz, is part of a commitment from the group "to be true and honest with who we are."

"It was like in the old days, when we recorded our first demos 15 years ago and it was just us and some friends in the studio making music, creating. And that's how we wanted this album to be. Nobody has heard the songs, apart from us, until today," Tom explained.

The electro cut is full of atmospheric sound and strut-ready retro synths, as the group laments a coulda-woulda situation — and the accompanying neon-lit music video is a good representation of the song's overall mood. At a time when a troupe nearly two decades into the game could run the risk of sounding tired, this is one smart reinvention that feels perfectly at home in 2017.

Watch the video for "What If" above.

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