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The 2021 Conservative Political Action Conference or CPAC was held over the weekend in Dallas. One of the speakers was the son of the 45th President of the United States.

Now while the ex-president was a big hit at the conference, his son Donald Trump Jr. had mixed results. The former president's son attempted a joke about Austin and hilarity did not ensue.

Check out the video below courtesy of C-SPAN.


How awkward was that? That is a tough crowd. The only thing missing in that video is the chirping of crickets.

As expected, the moment was roasted on Twitter.

Despite his son's poor performance, Donald Trump received an overwhelming positive reception at the conference.

Former President Donald Trump bathed in the adulation of an adoring crowd at the Conservative Political Action Conference Sunday as he easily won the informal straw poll of attendees when they were asked who they'd like to see run for the White House in 2024.

As the 45th President spoke, the crowd in attendance chanted and cheered.

"We are truly being scorned and disrespected all over the world. Never forget that the radical left is not the majority in this country. We are the majority and it's not even close," Trump said as the crowd cheered and chanted "USA! USA! USA!"
Trump once again teased a 2024 run on Sunday: "I could have a nice, beautiful life and here I am on a Sunday in Texas." The crowd began to chant "Four more years! Four more years!"
So, maybe the ex-president made up for his son's awkward moment. Tell us what you think. Let us know on Facebook or chat with us on our station app.

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