We shared West Texas stand-up comedian Andrew Capen's COVD-19 battle with our FMX fans several weeks ago, and we're pleased to tell everyone that he finally received a long-awaited double lung transplant.

Capen has been on life support since August after contracting the novel coronavirus on a trip to Corpus Christi, Texas. The disease wreaked absolute havoc on his body, mainly his lungs, and left him desperately needing a double lung transplant to survive.

Transplant recipients must meet many requirements to be approved for the procedure. Capen's lungs were bad, but because of the rest of the complications, the doctors had to be sure he was healthy enough for the operation. Through many posts made on his Facebook page by friends and family, it appears doctors had to take great care in fighting off infections in other parts of Andrew's body so that he could be ready for the lung transplant.

Surgeons told Andrew's mother that the surgery was incredibly difficult. His mother Brenda told FOX 31 Denver: "When the surgeons came out, it took a long time, and they said it was the hardest lung transplant they'd ever done." She added: "His lungs were so badly damaged and so badly scarred, the scar tissue causes the lungs to adhere to everything, so the description was, rather than just pulling out the old lungs and putting new lungs in, removing his lungs was like removing wallpaper."

Capen's family is pleased to see that things are getting better, but they have encouraged him to take it slow. While they are more than excited he is getting back to the old Andrew, they don't want him to wear himself out just yet.

Below is a photo of Capen showing off a pair of new shoes he got on day 200 in the hospital.

Day 200 Kicks
"Day 200 Kicks" (Courtesy: Andrew Capen)

I've been following Capen on Facebook very closely since his diagnosis. I have not met him in person, but we have been Facebook friends for a year or two because of our mutual love for comedy and the fact that we perform in the same circles. I sobbed at my desk when I read that he would finally be given the transplant. I've been crossing my fingers and toes and asking the universe to please take care of him. I was thrilled to read that the surgery had been a success and I look forward to updates from his family online.

Wes and I can't wait to have him on The RockShow to tell us about his entire ordeal when he is well enough. Thank you to the many friends and fans that donated to his GoFundMe account that didn't even know him. You guys are heroes, too.

Capen is not completely out of the woods yet, but it appears he is making tremendous progress. We will update you more on his condition in the future.

I hope the next time I mention him I'll be introducing him to all of you on the radio and we will be sharing a few laughs.

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