UPDATE: You can now watch the full 45-second commercial above, which features a previously unseen -- and quite hilarious -- cameo by Matt Damon.

Van Halen is in the Super Bowl! Sort of.

The band's cover of the Roy Orbison classic '(Oh) Pretty Woman,' recorded in 1982 for their 'Diver Down' LP, has been selected as the soundtrack for the latest in NFL sponsor Nationwide Insurance's celebrity-driven spots. Stepping in for the company's previous chicken parm-eating pitchman Peyton Manning is 'The Mindy Project' star Mindy Kaling, who walks the streets of New York to the strains of the song -- but probably not in the way you think.

As shown in the sneak peek above, the use of 'Pretty Woman' is actually ironic; in the commercial, Kaling thinks she might be invisible after she gets passed over by a taxi, and decides to take advantage of her presumed superpower by strolling around doing whatever she wants, including shoplifting, sunbathing nude and walking through a car wash.

"My writers and I had so much fun brainstorming ideas for this ad because it was all about wish fulfillment," Kaling quipped during an appearance on 'Good Morning America.' "All of us, even beautiful, young Hollywood celebrities like me, have been in situations where we feel invisible."

Of course, feeling invisible and being invisible are two different things -- as you'll also discover in the clip. Check it out above.

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