Ask anyone in the singles world, and they will tell you that dating life in 2023 is very difficult. The maelstrom of modern dating can be overwhelming. Navigating online singles dating sites, the high costs of dates, and the high number of predators can make it frustrating and downright dangerous.

The Thriving Center of Psychology recently conducted an exhaustive survey of dating attitudes in 2023.  Some of their findings confirm how difficult dating can be these days. Among the findings:

56% say dating is harder now than in previous years

75% say it is hard to find people to date without looking online.

69% say they are content being single.

47% are afraid of being alone forever

35% have gone on fewer dates due to inflation

49% say its socially acceptable to stalk a date online before going out

One of the biggest problems with being single is finding where the eligible single are. Fortunately, the U.S. Census keeps track of that information.  Here's what it tells us about Texas and San Angelo

It is important to note that for the purposes of this conversation, the Census Bureau defines the word " single " as anyone who is not currently married, regardless of their relationship status (e.g., divorced, widowed, separated, never married, etc.).

First, which cities in Texas have the highest percentage of singles overall?


  1. Austin - 57.2%
  2. Houston - 51.8%
  3. Dallas - 50.3%
  4. San Antonio - 46.9%
  5. San Angelo 46.8%
  6. Fort Worth - 45.6%
  7. El Paso - 42.2%
  8. Arlington - 40.8%
  9. Corpus Christi - 39.2%
  10. Plano - 38.6%
  11. Laredo - 36.9%

What cities have the highest percentage of men who are single?


  1. Austin - 30.3%
  2. San Angelo 29.4%
  3. Houston - 28.5%
  4. Dallas - 28.1%
  5. Fort Worth - 27.4%
  6. San Antonio - 26.9%
  7. Lubbock - 26.4%
  8. El Paso - 25.8%
  9. Arlington - 25.6%
  10. Corpus Christi - 25.4%
  11. Amarillo - 25.3%

Where are the single ladies?


  1. Laredo - 59.1%
  2. McAllen - 58.1%
  3. Brownsville - 57.9%
  4. Harlingen - 57.1%
  5. Eagle Pass - 55.9%
  6. Mission - 55.3%
  7. Del Rio - 55.2%
  8. Edinburg - 54.7%
  9. Pharr - 54.6%
  10. San Juan - 54.4%

San Angelo is way down the list at 53.6%. It is important to note that if you want to find single women, The Rio Grande Valley would seem to be a great place to go.


San Angelo, Texas, has a higher percentage of single women than the state of Texas as a whole. While the percentage of single men in San Angelo is slightly lower than the state average, the difference is relatively small.

In terms of the overall population, San Angelo is a mid-sized city with a population of approximately 100,000, which is significantly smaller than some of the largest cities in Texas, such as Houston and Dallas. This may impact the dating pool and the overall dating scene in the city.

It's also worth noting that while the percentage of single women in San Angelo is higher than the state average, it is still below the percentages of some of the cities in Texas with the highest percentage of single women, such as Laredo and McAllen.

In the end, getting it right is important.  When it goes wrong, that's where divorce rates come in.  According to US Census data, Texas cities with the highest divorce rates are:


  1. Bridge City - 20.5%
  2. Taylor - 20.4%
  3. Lumberton - 19.5%
  4. Lampasas - 19.2%
  5. Cleveland - 19.0%

San Angelo's divorce rate is slightly higher than the statewide average of 13.8%.

If you look at CDC numbers for 2019, we Texans must be better at dating than most. Our divorce rate of 9.1 per 1,000 population is significantly lower than the national average of 14.4 per 1,000.

Love is not dead in Texas.

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