When you think of panning for gold, a lot of places come to mind--California, The Yukon, or Alaska. Texas isn't one of them. Experts say not so fast. Believe it or not, there are several locations in Texas, where prospectors often find gold.

While gold can be found in some specific locations in Texas, it is not known for its abundant gold deposits. Even so there are some locations in Texas known for producing gold .

Photo by Matt Seymour on Unsplash
Photo by Matt Seymour on Unsplash

1) The Llano River: The Llano River is a tributary of the Colorado River and runs through the heart of Texas. It is 105 miles long and flows northwest of Austin, through Kingsland, Masco and Llano. This is the most common location to find gold in Texas, but mostly it comes the form of fine gold. It is a good idea to check the rocks crevices and cracks, look beneath the sandy streambed and look for black sand.

2) Goler Gulch El Paso:  In 1893 a man named John Goller found some gold nuggets in the washes that drain the El Paso Mountains. Gold, sliver and copper were all discovered at Laurel Mountain in the mid 1800's. Mining resumed in 1893 with half a million in gold nuggets some as large as 57 ounces were found.  It is still possible to find gold in this area with a metal detector.

3) Bonanza Gulch: 11 miles from Goler Gulch near Red Rock Canyon, gold was discovered in 1893, with over $50,000 of gold taken in that year alone.  Prospectors are still finding small amounts of gold in the area.

4) Guadalupe River near Kerrville: In the last few years a lucky prospector named Joseph F found some large gold nuggets near this section of the river using dredging equipment. It continues to be a promising area to explore.

5) Presidio A gold mine actually operated here from 1880 until 1942. The mine was located on the southern flank of the Chinati Mountains,which overlooks Presidio. There was a lot of gold here.  In fact, 73% of all the gold ever produced in Texas was found here.  You know they didn't bet it all.

6) The Lost Spanish Mine (Riley Mountains) Anytime we hear the word "lost", it is just basic human nature for our ears to perk up. Just northwest of Austin, in Llano County, is a hill that was literally full of silver and gold. The Spanish mined the area in the 1750's, but indigenous Mexican miners mined it before that. It was known as the lost San Saba Gold mine. Gold is still found in small quantities here as it washes downstream in areas exposed to the elements.

Here in San Angelo, deposits of Copper near Miles at the Willow Creek Occurrence along with a few other locations in Tom Green County can be found. There is no record of gold in our immediate area.  Although, it is just a short drive to locations where you just might be able to start your very own Texas Gold Rush.



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