A pizza restaurant is Lubbock is going viral thanks to a story on TMZ about their Halloween Pizza, "Jeffrey Dahmer Special". The Netflix mini-series about Jeffrey Dahmer is now the most watched English language mini-series in Netflix history.

It is no surprise that the Jeffrey Dahmer experience is showing up this Halloween.  Recently, Amazon, Ebay and other online retailers removed sellers who were selling Jeffrey Dahmer costumes. People are torn.  Is a Jeffrey Dahmer costume or even a Jeffrey Dahmer mini-series itself exploitation and offensive?

There is certainly no lack of opinions being expressed all over social media.

Capital Pizza in Lubbock introduced their "Jeffrey Dahmer Pizza" a few weeks ago. Online reviews of the pizza's flavor are not the greatest.  The manager of Capital Pizza Kiefer Thrasher-Davidson told TMZ that the pizza contains ramen, pepperoncini garnish, prop body parts, and lots of fake blood.

Primarily, it was designed as a prop pizza and while it has generated controversy, a lot of people have taken photos with the pizza in the restaurant's window.

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There are a lot of mentions online, mostly social media that suggests that Jeffrey Dahmer actually used the noses of his victims as a pizza topping. However, I can find no independent confirmation of that detail from any official source.

Needless to say, the Jeffrey Dahmer Pizza in Lubbock is gaining a lot of attention. In the end, that was surely the intention of the creator.  It is not entirely ironic that many psychologists suggest that gaining attention was actually one of Jeffrey Dahmer's chief motivations for the crimes he committed.

Ultimately, eat it or not, watch the mini-series or not, dress up as Jeffrey Dahmer or not, it is your decision.


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