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The tragedy at the Travis Scott Astroworld concert festival in Houston is on the minds of everyone across the country.

Questions are being asked why this happened and could it have been prevented. Also, could something like this happen again? And could it happen here in San Angelo?

The Houston Chronicle told a horrible tale through Instagram user SeannaFaith. According to the Houston Chronicle:

"The rush of people became tighter and tighter. .. Breathing became something only a few were capable. The rest were crushed or unable to breathe in the thick hot air," she wrote. "It was like watching a Jenga tower topple. Person after person were sucked down.... You were at the mercy of the wave."

"We begged security to help us, for the performer to see us and know something was wrong," she continued. "None of that came, we continued to drown."

It sounds like there was zero crowd control here and perhaps security was low at the festival. Although I'm not sure what they could have done with so many people at this festival Did they sell too many tickets? Could someone have addressed the crowd from the stage about what was happening?

Reports have come out that Scott continued to play while fans shouted 'stop the show'. Fire Chief Samuel Pena said Scott and the concert organizers could have interrupted the show. He told the New York Times it could have been helpful if somebody would have said "‘Hey, shut this thing down and turn on the lights until this thing gets corrected’ — and that coming from the person with the mic".

So, could have something like this happen in San Angelo? We had a big crowd at Wild West Fest with Parker McCollum at the River Stage this past summer, but I don't recall any major crowd issues.

I remember a personal experience when something like what took place at the Astroworld festival happened at the Larry Joe Taylor Festival a few years back. A woman was stepped on in the crowd and paramedics needed to attend to her. The Randy Rogers Band was in the middle of their set, but they stopped the show while she was being treated.

I would think if something like that happened here in San Angelo, the show would be stopped, and someone would get on the mic and get people to calm down.

That didn't happen here. Scott did pause the music momentarily but then continued with the show. It is incredibly sad that the show was not shut down to get the crowd under control. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who died in such a senseless tragedy.

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