While delivering some big news to KiddNation Friday, Shanon and Big Al FINALLY follow through on a show bit.

Psycho Shanon has been a part of The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show for a little over 20 years. Getting her start as an intern on the show and working her way up, she has decided that this is the moment to leave to show to pursue her passion.

Shanon came prepared with a statement all written out so that she wouldn't leave anything out or get emotional or choked up, but does it work? Watch the following video to find out. Shanon tells KiddNation about what she's pursuing and has been doing for some time now because of a tragic event that took place in her life.

While saying her goodbye's and going through all the great memories throughout the year, there was just one bit that was just never completed, until this morning - Big Al and Shanon complete their Public Display Of Affection bit and share that kiss! But in traditional Big Al style, he ruins it! Find out what happens in the following videos!

Good luck Shanon on your new adventure, we're going to miss you on the show. You can find out more about Shanon's passion by visiting ISR Self Rescue.

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