When Kiss shipped their 1974 debut album out to radio stations, it included a little something extra in the form of a full color poster of the band. Nearly 40 years later, that one-time freebie courtesy of Casablanca Records & Tapes has a collector’s value of at least $1500, based on the one that recently sold on eBay.

This poster goes to prove that branding has always been important to Kiss. Though Gene Simmons and company have since taken that idea to extremes, Kiss has always been exceptionally clever in marketing themselves. Can you imagine a disc jockey or record store owner in a remote town opening up a promo package, finding a white label promo album that included this poster with it? This poster could have very well been the first image they saw of the band, and chances are they wanted to hear what these four boys in make-up sounded like. Mission accomplished.

Due to the way it was originally shipped, the seller notes that every copy of this poster has crease marks in it — in fact, if it doesn’t, it’s likely a reproduction. This particular poster was purchased at a Kiss convention in the early ‘90s and though it does have the fold lines, it’s been in a frame since that purchase date. The listing notes a few minor flaws but overall this rarity appears in very good condition. Good enough to pay $1500 for? Apparently!


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