Four Kiss fans in Montgomery, New York say they were sent home from their high school's 'Senior Celebrity Day' yesterday for donning makeup and dressing up as the Demon, Space Ace, Starchild and Catman.

Dylan Schoonmaker, one of the young men in question, says the foursome -- decked out in wigs, leather jackets and the famous Kiss greasepaint -- were told their costumes were "not appropriate." To which we say, "We're not gonna take it!" Oh wait... wrong band!

Apparently school officials decided the outfits presented a security risk since they rendered the students unrecognizable. Schoonmaker says they offered to wear name tags or their school IDs but were rebuffed. "Girls wear makeup everyday, how is that any different from what we did?," he asks with tongue firmly planted in cheek. "Just because we had kick ass designs?" Luckily, the boys made the best of their unexpected free time, hitting up a local International House of Pancakes, where they mistaken for a real rock band and asked to sign autographs.

Based on a Twitter post re-tweeted by none other than Gene Simmons last night, it would seem the parents of at least one of the youngsters stands firmly behind their son in this matter:

Obviously, school security is no laughing matter nowadays. We called the principal's office at Valley Central High to get their side of the story; if and when they respond we will add their statement to this article.

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