Here's a story that will put a smile on your face -- and couldn't we all use that?

Earlier this week, a total stranger coughed up the cash to pay for a six-year-old's birthday party in Washington, Pa.

Jolie Welling's daughter, Sofia, was celebrating her big day at an Applebee's with a party of 16 people. The group splurged on drinks, appetizers and meals and, even though they brought their own dessert, the bill certainly added up, which made the gesture all the more stunning to Jolie.

"(The waitress) came over and announced to the table that an anonymous person paid our whole tab, and we were like, 'What? Who?' She was like, 'I can't tell you, they want to be anonymous,' and I was like, 'Oh my goodness' ... The next thing, when we finally realized it, we started tearing up."

We live in controversial times where people argue over everything from the president to healthcare to NFL players kneeling for the national anthem, so it's nice to be reminded that, yes, people do still care for one another, even if they don't necessarily know one another.

"Life is so complicated as it is, and you just work and work and work and struggle, and you try to enjoy every moment you can, and having my 6-year-old see that someone did this act of kindness really shows her that there are good people in this world," Jolie said.

The Welling family has no intentional of letting this moment pass, either. They say they hope to pay it forward the next time they go out to eat.

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