It's going viral.  People nationwide are all over social media showing off their chicken coops. It is one way to fight back against egg prices.

Sure I've heard all the "reasons" why egg prices went so incredibly high.  There was avian flu and higher prices on feed after the pandemic. I prefer to think there might also be another factor involved, greed.

The hashtag "egg prices" has over 50 million views.

This has caused a viral hashtag to spring up on socials, #egg hustle. The tag has over two million views.  The majority of videos are from people who have their own chicken coops or mini backyard farms.

As this TikTok demonstrates, having a chicken coop can make you popular.


Having chickens can also make you rich.

Good news here in San Angelo if you want to join the movement to bust high egg prices.

According to the city ordinance in San Angelo, (3.900) chickens are allowed in the city limits of San Angelo. However, they must be at least 100 feet from any residence, business, or institution, other than the residence, trade, or institution of the owners of the animals.][7

Of course, if there is an HOA in your neighborhood, you will need to check with them before you bring chickens onto your property. Generally, an HOA can overrule city laws when it comes to such things as owning chickens.

Here in San Angelo we also have several great farm supply stores to buy chicks, like Palmers Feed.  We also found West Texas Fowl on Facebook.

We also found  plenty of tips online for how to care for chickens. A quick check of google found this advice:

Chickens need a constant supply of fresh water, they drink between 500 ml to 1 L of water per day. So make sure they always have fresh water available to them. Or they will become dehydrated. Your hens will need to be wormed regularly with worming products that can be purchased from a vet or pet produce shop

Now, what are you waiting for? You can get fresh eggs and make a new chicken friend.  Just remember it is never a good idea to cuddle a chicken and you should wash your hands after cleaning up for them.

Since the 1990's numerous widespread outbreaks of human Salmonella infections have been linked to contact with backyard chickens. There are avian flues that can also infect humans via inhalation or contact with the eyes, nose, or mouth.

Not only can you save money and enjoy fresh eggs, but you just might go viral #egg hustle #san angelo coops #omelettes

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