I have to admit, I've always wanted to have my own action figure.  I mean I want to BE an action figure. I would even settle for being Ken in Barbie's Beach House, although they would have to do something about the whole below the belt smoothness.  No one wants to give off the wrong vibe.

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Fortunately, thanks to new technology and the collaboration of two powerhouse brands, anyone can soon be their own action figure. Hasbro is teaming up with a high tech 3-D printing specialist, Formlabs, to allow anyone to be an action figure.

3-D printing is so precise they've even managed to "print" replacement organs for the human body.  So, it should be no surprise that this tech is allowing for a selfie series of action figures which can now be customized to your own face.

Photo: Hasbro and Formlabs
Photo: Hasbro and Formlabs

You can be GI Jason, or a Star Wars Hero, or maybe a Ghostbuster, Power Ranger or any other Marvel or Disney character. For the Selfie Series, Formlabs has invented a 3-D printing technology that builds smooth and detailed elements and a resin formation that can withstand the abuses action figures must endure.

A good parent instills in their children the idea that they can be whatever they want to become.  It takes hard work, education, dedication and....ok, now it doesn't take any of that.  You just need $60 and the new Hasbro Pulse smartphone app.  That app will allow you to scan your face and convert the data into a 3-D model that can then be printed out and placed on an action figure.  Hasbro expects to begin selling the action figures this Fall.  Just in time for Christmas.




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