According to Mental Health America National's latest findings, Texas ranks last at 51st (dead last) in "Access to Care Ranking 2023," highlighting its severe lack of mental healthcare access in the Lone Star State. Even more concerning, Texas ranks #3 nationwide for adults experiencing anxiety, depression, substance use disorders, and other mental illnesses.

While many Texans struggle with these issues, the unfortunate reality is that the state offers limited access to mental health care services. One significant barrier is the denial of treatment access by insurance companies, resulting in an insufficient mental healthcare workforce.

Nevertheless, there are ways to manage and alleviate symptoms. Many in the mental health field attribute the spike in mental health issues in Texas to the impact of COVID-19.

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For those seeking ways to manage anxiety, consider these tips:

  • Consult Your Physician: To explore recommended treatments.
  • Avoid Caffeine: Caffeine can exacerbate anxiety symptoms.
  • Stay Hydrated: Dehydration can intensify anxiety; ensure you drink enough water.
  • Limit Alcohol: Alcohol affects brain chemistry, worsening symptoms.
  • Eat Regularly: Maintain stable blood sugar levels to reduce nervousness.
  • Use Calming Scents: Lavender is known for its anxiety-relieving properties.
  • Disconnect: Take breaks from screens to reduce stress.
  • Journaling: Writing down feelings can help identify triggers and reduce stress.
  • Seek Support: Consult with a mental health professional for guidance.
  • Physical Activity: Exercise can help alleviate adrenaline buildup.
  • Positive Affirmations: Repeat affirmations to promote positive thinking.
  • Take Breaks: Schedule alone time to relax and recharge.
  • Practice Relaxation: Enjoy a soothing bath to unwind.

These tips can empower you to better manage anxiety and improve your mental well-being. Remember, consulting with your doctor is crucial for personalized advice and support.

Prevalence of Mental Illness 2023 Top 20 Rankings

  1. Georgia
  2. South Carolina
  3. Texas
  4. New Jersey
  5. North Carolina
  6. Delaware
  7. Florida
  8. Maryland
  9. Wisconsin
  10. Kentucky
  11. New York
  12. Hawaii
  13. Mississippi
  14. Pennsylvania
  15. Tennessee
  16. California
  17. Connecticut
  18. Nevada
  19. Arkansas
  20. District of Columbia
    Source: Mental Health Association National / 2024 study not available yet.

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