It is called "café culture". Just think of the iconic movie scenes that have taken place in cafes. One of my favorites is the cafe scene in "When Harry Met Sally" Another iconic movie scene occurred in the 1995 film "The Usual Suspects".

A café is defined as a small restaurant selling light meals and drinks. A cozy café is by definition a small restaurant that gives a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation.

Here in San Angelo, we have five great cozy cafés worthy of a scene in your favorite movie.

1)Kozy Kitchen 3346 Sherwood Way

Talking about "cozy" this long-time San Angelo eaterie put a version of the word right in their name.  If you look at the reviews, this "cozy café" is right on the mark, not just for incredible food, but for capturing café culture. The cuisine is pure American.

2) The Bearded Barista 2412 College Hills Boulevard

This full-service coffee shop has an atmosphere that translates "café culture" to the fun generation.  It has cozy nooks that are perfect for enjoying a light snack and a perfectly brewed coffee, There is energy and enthusiasm from the staff and a bubbly feel that can turn any meeting into a positive one.

3) The Main Street Cafe  903 North Main Street

Don't let the fact that this great café is located in the Henley-Mabee High Rise part of the Baptist Retirement Community, fool you.  This is a perfect example of what a great cozy café can be.  The food is excellent and the service is superior.  If you're looking for a great example of good old-fashioned classic American cooking and amazing coffee, you'll be glad you visited The Main Street Cafe.

4) Coffee 101 101 North Main Street 

Take one look at the classic coffee house which serves pastries, sandwiches, and great coffee,  and you get the feeling you're living in a movie. I'm surprised that no movie producer has ever scouted out this historic building for a scene. If you want cozy and if you want café, you don't want to miss this experience.

5) The Grind Coffee and Café 220 North Chadbourne Street

As busy as The Grind can get, it still manages to maintain a cozy feel, when you're having a snack or a great coffee or smoothie. The Grind has a modern feel. It is the perfect café when you want a creative menu.  If you crave basic fare that is never boring, you'll love The Grind.

This is certainly not the complete list of cozy cafes in San Angelo and we'll tell more great stories.   Truly, it can be said that you can tell the economic viability of a city by the number of great cafés.  If that is the case, San Angelo is on the way up.



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