We've seen the devastation of the 7.9 magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal this past Saturday on television for several days. Many people have lost loved ones, homes, and the very landscape they grew up with has been devastated. More than 7,000 people have lost their lives. However, some relief is on the horizon. Two Nepalese students, Sazza Dahal and Aayush Bajracharya, have organized a fundraiser at Angelo State University to help raise money for the victims of the earthquake. All funds benefit Pourakhi Nepal.

Dahal and Bajracharya, the ASU Multicultural Center, and the Campus Food Service have teamed up to male this fundraiser happen, and students have been donating baked goods, cash, and their volunteer time. It will be held from 11AM until 2PM this Thursday, May 7th, between the Houston Harte University Center and the Porter Henderson Library on campus.

All of San Angelo is invited to stop by and try out Nepalese dishes like Memo (meat dumpling), Aloo Chop (potato fritter), and panipuri (a street snack). Swing by to sample genuine Nepalese food, talk to the ASU students, and help the victims of a tragic natural disaster.

Dahal and Bajracharya are both from Kathmandu, and their families lost nearly everything in the recent earthquake. They have been attending ASU for nine months, and a scholarship fund has been set up to help them.You can donate to the Nepalese Student Scholarship Fund at the Wells Fargo Bank, 3806 W. Loop 306.

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