Business Insider loves San Angelo.

In 2020, San Angelo ranked #17 of the best cities in the south to live in after the coronavirus. Also in 2020, San Angelo was listed as #11 of Texas cities everyone in the country is moving to.

So recently, when the magazine analyzed census data from 1,000 cities across the U.S. and they crunch the numbers on things like population change, the percentage of people working, median household income, crime, commute times, and other factors, city leaders held their breath.

Would San Angelo land in the Top 50 list of most miserable towns in the country?

San Angelo did not, but five Texas cities did make the list.  Not one city in West Texas made the list.

This is nowhere near the top for miserable states across the country. California is #1 with 10 closely followed by New Jersey with 9 and Florida with 6.

Texas Cities In The Top 50 Most Miserable

Texas' Miserable Cities
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