Every city or community seems to have a haunted history. Scary ghost stories and lore surround many locations. San Angelo is no exception. We all know about the usual scary places.

There are stories of ghosts at Fort Concho. Several old San Angelo bridges have stories of hauntings. Lone Wolf Bridge has a storied history. Legends involve the curse of a Kiowa/Apache chief and his son, who was killed in a skirmish with a Fort Concho calvary.

Photo: City of San Angelo
Photo: City of San Angelo

Paranormal investigations have occurred at this spot. However, recent revelations point to another more active paranormal location and another San Angelo bridge that might fit the Native American Chief and his son even better.

Many are now calling a rural stretch of Old Christoval Road in San Angelo Ghost Road. There are increasing reports of eerie sightings at night on the road. A nearby bridge known as Dead Man's Bridge might fit the Native American Chief narrative even better.

Dead Man's Bridge is located on a dirt road that intersects with Old Christoval Road. It is on this spot, according to the legend, that settlers killed a Native American Chief's son. It was on that spot, which is now the obscure Dead Man's Bridge, where the chief placed a curse.  Theories abound that that curse has caused the strange occurrences at the bridge and on Ghost Road.

Photo by Avery Cocozziello on Unsplash
Photo by Avery Cocozziello on Unsplash

Witnesses report that there have been reports of disembodied voices, shadowy figures, and full-bodied apparitions on the bridge.

These are very similar to the reported activity pattern, particularly on New Moon nights out on the Ghost Road. This location, according to legend, is haunted by the ghosts of a family who died in a car crash on the road many years ago. Versions of the local legend suggest that the family died there when their car plunged off a nearby bridge.

For the record, no such story could be found for that location. Local legends usually start out with a grain of truth but get distorted as the story is re-told.

Even without the ghost family story, some who live near San Angelo's Ghost Road believe the location is near the convergence of ley lines or other paranormal energy sources.

In any event, this new paranormal hotspot definitely will need further study. I've emailed tv's "Ghost Adventures" crew but have not received an answer.

If you're in town for the rodeo and want to experience it yourself, take a dark ride down Old Christoval Road on the darkest night possible. Afterward, you tell me if it's haunted.

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