I am always sad to see a restaurant close for good. I think of the employees who are thrown out of work right before the holidays.  Such is the case with San Angelo's Red Lobster Restaurant.  The company said this in a statement:

"After more than 38 years of being part of the San Angelo community, we have made the difficult decision to close our restaurant at 3909 Sunset Drive. As part of our normal course of business, we continuously monitor restaurant performance and may from time to time choose to close or relocate restaurants like this. Members of the management team at the San Angelo location have been offered transfers to other Red Lobster restaurants, and we are working with other restaurants in the area to help our team members find new employment opportunities."

Even though a favorite seafood restaurant in San Angelo is now closed for good, I think seafood lovers in San Angelo will still find plenty of great seafood choices.  This is certainly not a complete list, but a list of some seafood spots you should try.

1) Craving Crab 4509 Sherwood Way: If you're looking for crab, they've got crab.  The Craving Crab does crab right.  Plus if you like the Creole and Cajun flavor, you'll find plenty of items simmered to Louisiana-style perfection.

The reviews for this restaurant are exemplary. People also give the restaurant high marks for service.

2) The Crab 3035 Knickerbocker Road: If you like your seafood with authentic bursting flavor, then The Crab has to be your choice. Their incredible Cajun-flavored seafood menu will take your tastebuds on a joyride straight to New Orleans. The atmosphere and service are amazing.

This is seafood for people who won't settle for bland or boring. If you have never tried it, then do it at your earliest convenience. You'll be thanking us for the tip.

3) The Wharf Restaurant and Tavern 2302 Loop 306: There aren't many seafood restaurants that can satisfy, not only the seafood lovers in your party but also those who may be less enthused about seafood.  The Wharf Restaurant leaves no one behind. They can please the seafood lover and those who love seafood lovers but crave the turf in surf and turf.

The Wharf also is a great place for plates of both seafood and beef or chicken. The seafood is so fresh and the atmosphere so perfect you'll almost swear you can feel the gentle sway of the water beneath the docks and smell the fresh aroma of high tide on the gulf.

4) Nakamura Sushi House 3222 Sherwood Way: If you're looking for sushi, you're in luck here in San Angelo.Voted the Best Sushi in San Angelo since 2010, Nakamura Sushi House also features an incredible Korean fusion menu. It might not be the biggest restaurant, but it has big flavor.

5) Catfish Corner 1313 W. Beauregard Avenue: Technically, catfish is not "seafood" Yet, if you're a seafood lover and you like casual relaxed good food, then you can't beat the Catfish Corner. Besides, their shrimp is delicious also. At Catfish Corner they're fond of saying: "just one nibble and you're hooked". If you read the reviews, you would see that seems to be true.

It seems seafood lovers will still have plenty of choices now that Red Lobster is gone.  Maybe great local restaurants like these and others in the area are the reason they just couldn't cut it.  What's your favorite seafood restaurant?  Did we leave any out?

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