Maybe we all needed to hear this.

Watch as Senator Chris Murphy delivers an emotional speech before the Senate following the shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Tx.

Ironically. Sen. Murphy represents Sandy Hook where a deadly school shooting happened too.


The senator's main message here was loud and clear, "What are we doing?" He asked his colleagues to come together as one so that they could do their part to put an end to such shootings as what happened today.

He notes in the video below that he and his colleagues all have differences of opinion, but asked if they could meet halfway on gun issues.

You can hear in Sen. Murphy's speech here that he, like most others, is sick of kids being shot at school and he even mentions that this seems to be a problem isolated to the United States.

Regardless of your political views, you can feel the passion from this speech below and you can sense that he has had enough of kids being murdered in classrooms.

Sadly, the governor of Texas said that 14 kids and one teacher were shot and killed at the elementary school today in Uvalde, Tx.

In an update, the death toll is now up to 18 deaths, and the person responsible for this shooting reportedly shot and attempted to kill his grandmother prior to the mass shooting at the school.

Here's his speech to his colleagues after the mass shooting today.

Here's the governor of Texas addressing the mass shooting today.


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