UPDATE:  This story was written before Chick-Fil-A yielded to pressure and decided NOT to dump the popular side salad. Fortunately, they changed their minds because of the public uproar. There must have been a lot of people speaking out, not just me.


The pressure is on to get in shape for bikini season in Texas. Given the weather the last few days, it might already be late.

Trying to find healthier food options fast can be challenging.  Thanks to Chick-Fil-A starting April 3rd, it might be a lot harder. On March 20th, Chick-fil-A in Tifton, Georgia, posted on Facebook the post below.

At the time, people thought the post meant only at that Chick-fil-A location. It turns out the message applies to every location of Chick-Fil-A.

The side salad was a popular option, often paired with chicken nuggets. For me, the love of Chick

For me, the love of Chick-fil-A's side salad came down to some simple concepts.

First, I loved the salad dressing options. My favorite was the Zesty Apple Cider Vinaigrette Dressing. Others included the Creamy Salsa, Garden Herb Ranch, Fat-Free Honey Mustard Light Balsamic Vinaigrette, and Light Italian Dressing.

Photo: Chick-fi-A
Photo: Chick-fi-A

Second, ordering a side salad made me feel a little less guilty about getting fast food in the first place. It's like when you order a Big Mac with a DIET soda.

So why the change? Chick-fil-A's statement sounds like something a slippery used car salesman or guilty man's lawyer might say. In a statement quoted by Today.com, a Chick-fil-A  representative reportedly said:

 “In order for our Restaurant Team Members to continue to deliver quality food and signature hospitality, at times we have to make difficult decisions to help simplify our menu. Starting April 3, the Chick-fil-A Side Salad will no longer be offered in our U.S. restaurants.”

If the decision was so "difficult," why does it seem like they're gleaming about it? Is this just another way to distract from the recent controversy raised by the public relations nightmare of increasing the number of rewards points needed to redeem some reward items?

Maybe I'm just cynical. After all, Chick-fil-A also says they are increasing the size of their Kale Crunch Side to a large one for people who want to add green to their meals. I've tried it. For me, kale is a little stronger on flavor. Not to be indelicate, it also means urgent bathroom visits more often.  This is a no-go, especially at work.

I would rather take the afternoon off and go home.

Maybe the side salad will return.  After all, look what happened with the Mexican Pizza at Taco Bell. Unfortunately, I don't see any rappers jumping on this bandwagon. I can't see Doja Cat, Taylor Swift, or Hayle Williams championing this cause anytime soon.

Maybe Kelly Clarkson. I'll tweet her people.

In the meantime, I will have to figure out what I will do with all the extra time I will have on my hands after April 3rd--all the extra time I'll have NOT sitting in the long Chick-fil-A drive-thru line.

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