Just before closing out her set at Coachella on Sunday, Doja Cat left the stage with some shocking and wonderful words screamed into the crowd:


Turns out, she really did.

Taco Bell confirms on their Twitter account that the sorely missed Mexican Pizza will be returning. Starting on May 19, the never forgotten food item from the Taco Bell menu will return PERMANENTLY.

Taco Bell also announced that they will be holding a massive giveaway on Twitter with the help of Doja Cat ending at midnight on April 19th. This is all surprising but it was probably brewing for a long time. Rejoice! It's back.

They even coordinated their user names on the app. Now that's dedication. As you would expect, the internet exploded. People have been expressing how upset they've been since the pizza was removed 2 years ago. I know people who won't eat Taco Bell anymore because they don't serve them.

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