The robots are coming for your jobs.

Sooner or later, most of our jobs could be replaced by robots.  At one Texas Mcdonald's, it has already happened.

A video from a significant food influencer, Foodie Munster, is going viral now with over 1.2 million views and counting   It shows a "grab and go" McDonald's where you can order your food on the McDonald's app, and then the food is served via a conveyor belt in the drive-thru.

There is no human contact.

According to McDonald's, in a statement, this prototype restaurant is the latest move in their "Accelerating the Arches" growth strategy. According to McDonald's statement:

"When you step inside the test restaurant concept, you'll notice it's considerably smaller than a traditional McDonald's restaurant in the U.S. Why? The features—inside and outside—are geared toward customers who are planning to dine at home or on the go, Inside the restaurant, there's a delivery pick-up room for couriers to retrieve orders quickly and conveniently. There are also kiosks, where customers can place their orders to go, and a pick-up shelf for orders."

There are still workers inside the restaurant making the food and doing other duties, so the restaurant isn't fully automated. However, as a customer, you will not have to deal with or even see a human being from start to finish in the food ordering process.

Reaction on social media to the new concept is mixed.  Reaction to everything on social media is mixed.  Some people are worried this will cost a lot of jobs.  Others are more like another commenter on TikTok who wrote: "Who are all the Karens supposed to scream at now? The robots?"

I guess the time will come when robots will be doing everything at a Mcdonald's, including cooking the food.  It's just a matter of time. They have already developed fast food robots who have mastered one of the most important jobs in fast food--asking the customer if they want fries with that.

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