Central Texas has been hit hard by two strong storm systems in recent weeks, and it's been a scary reminder of why we need to make sure we're prepared and stocked up with emergency supplies. Lucky for us, the State of Texas has an upcoming sales tax holiday to help us all save on these essentials.

Texas Sales Tax Holiday

KWTX, Gina Brown, Canva
KWTX, Gina Brown, Canva

April 23 through the 25th will be the emergency preparation supply sales tax holiday. Taking full advantage of this sale is a must in Central Texas. The natural disasters that we have endured have been very eye-opening, so this is definitely the time to take advantage and make sure you're stocked up.

Save on Emergency Supplies

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The Texas Comptroller's Office has set aside April 23-25 as the Emergency Preparation Supplies Sales Tax Holiday. During that weekend, you can skip the sales tax on things like portable generators, axes, fire extinguishers, tarps and plastic sheeting, first aid kits, fuel containers, and more. You can even save on smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

Texas: Let's Be Prepared

I never wanna go through another severe storm or tornado and not have the proper essentials for myself and my family to feel and be safe.

Earlier this week in Salado was hit by hail pieces larger than the average person’s hand, and that wasn't even the worst of it. Tornado winds caused damage to homes and businesses, and even left people injured.

If you think it can't happen to you or the damage won't be so bad, you are very naïve.

For the families who maybe have loved ones who depend on oxygen concentrators and other medical devices, I would suggest grabbing a portable generator. This would be a great time to get one, because generators under $3,000 will be tax exempt during the holiday.

***For a full list of what is and isn't tax exempt, check out this list on the Texas Comptroller website.***

That Other Texas Sales Tax Holiday Happens Later This Year

Picking up some hatchets and fuel containers from April 23 through the 25th will be a must, but if you’re wanting to grab a notebook and school supplies on the way, you're thinking of the wrong holiday.
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Texas back to school tax-free weekend will happen from August 5 through 7. You'll be able to skip the sales tax on school supplies, clothes, and other essentials. Here's a list of what will and will not be exempt.

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