It was just announced that Texas Wildlife has stocked 600 Channel Catfish into the Concho River in downtown San Angelo.

It is a well recognized fact: Some of the best fishing in West Texas is right here in San Angelo. As barren, dry and dusty as West Texas can be, San Angelo is like a fishing oasis in a sea of dust.

Avid sportsmen will find several fun to catch species of fish in area waters. Some of the top species include


A person holding a black crappie

Channel Catfish

Photo: G3 Sportsman Scott Turnage via YouTube
Photo: G3 Sportsman Scott Turnage via YouTube

Largemouth Bass

Largemouth bass

White Bass

Photo: 903 Fishing via YouTube
Photo: 903 Fishing via YouTube

Blue Catfish

Photo: Northwoods Angling via YouTube
Photo: Northwoods Angling via YouTube

Lake Nasworthy

So according to, the most logged fishing catches in our area take place at Lake Nasworthy. There is plenty of room along the banks.  The lake encompasses 1380 acres. The Channel and Blue Catfishing are great on the Lake.  White Bass run at certain times of the year. Now, is a good time. Generally, March until late May, when water temperatures are 54 to 68 degrees.

Twin Buttes Reservoir

Logged catches at the 9080 acre Twin Buttes Reservoir have kept up with Lake Nasworthy so far in 2022.  The most popular fish caught here are the Largemouth Bass, White Bass and Channel Catfish. If you're planning on fishing at Twin Buttes, the best time is early. In fact, you'll want to hit the bank by 6am.

OC FIsher Lake

The 5440 acre lake went dry in 2015, but it has rebounded. The predominant fish species at OC Fisher include: Largemouth Bass, White Bass, Channel Blue and Flathead Catfish, and White Crappie. There are some big catfish at OC Fisher.  The record Flathead was 48 inches and weighed 57 pounds. Currently, Texas WIldlife and Parks says the fishing there is fair for Largemouth Bass and Sunfish, but poor for just about everything else.  The best areas for fishing on the lake are wherever you find fallen trees along the creeks and channels. There you will find Bass and Crappie.

Middle Concho River

There is some great areas to fish off the bank with plenty of picnic tables and BBQ pits.  There are swings for the kids. The most popular species caught there are Largemouth bass, Channel catfish and White Crappie.

North Concho River

Similar to the MIddle Concho River, you'll find Largemouth bass, Common carp and Smallmouth buffalo. Fishbrain says there have been almost 489 catches logged there, so something is biting.

What are your favorite spots to fish in San Angelo.  Share your thoughts with us and Happy Fishing.


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